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As stated by the Illinois Department of Public Health, LMNOP has the right to refuse anyone for any reason.
Only individuals 18+ will be allowed to receive a tattoo, no exceptions.

What type of ink do you use?

What is your touch up policy?

LMNOP uses Dynamic Ink, which is a vegan and carbon based tattoo ink. This is a standard in the tattoo industry.

Occasionally we use other red inks, there are no other colors stocked in house. We are not able to use ink you've provided yourself. All of our ink is permanent.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Apple Pay, cash, & all major credit cards.

Can I book a group session?

Yes. Group members can simply book a few consecutive appointments on the same day. You will need to pay a deposit for each appointment.

What about parking?

We don't have a parking lot, but metered street parking is available on the street, and in the neighborhood around our studio. 

What if I don't know what I want?

Try finding photo's of tattoos that you like. We can use these photos for inspiration, but remember that we will only have time for very simple tattoos. Unfortunately your artist is not able to recreate every style imaginable, but if you keep it simple they will be able to create something unique and special for you.

Our tattoos include 1 free touch up.

Due to high demand, you will need to pay a deposit to reserve your appointment, which is fully refundable upon completing your touch up, and non-refundable if you are unable to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hour notice. 

Our artist's work hard to carefully place ink deep in your skin, after that it's up to you to provide healthy healing conditions. Following our healing routine is the best way to achieve great results.

While we agree that they are sometimes necessary, touch up's are a last resort, and should be avoided otherwise. Touching up a tattoo that does not need it, or is not ready for it, can seriously lower the quality of the tattoo.


Before booking your tattoo, please understand that ALL tattoos appear to be darker when they are fresh, and ALL tattoos appear to fade when they heal because there is a thin layer of skin stretched over the tattoo. Moisturizing this layer will darken your tattoo.

Be sure your skin is smooth and clean before booking a touch up.

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel or reschedule an appointment you'll need to email

Those cancelled with at least 24 hours notice are eligible for a full refund on the deposit for that appointment.

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