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Half Day

Up to 4 hours of tattoo work, for up to 2 eligible adults.

  • 4 hours
  • 1,000 US dollars

Service Description

All of the tattoos we can complete in our 4 hour time limit. I prefer doing multiple small tattoos, but could also spend the time on a single, intricate piece. Your appointment can be shared with up 1 other person but you will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment regardless of how many people use the session. Come prepared with a short list of tattoos you'd like to get done. This can be a combination of tiny and lettering tattoos. You'll want to make sure most of our session is time spent under the needle, not searching for references. Tattoos should meet the following criteria: - Simple: Can be designed and manipulated in a few minutes. - Small: Each should easily fit in the palm of your hand. - In a language you can actually speak! (I don't store any foreign keyboards on my design platform). Beware of: Complex placements (ribs, spines, necks, ankles, wrists.) These are high movement areas and normally take more time, and more concentration to complete. If the skin is constantly twisting/stretching during regular activity you can consider it a complex placement. This also extends to skin that is being hugged by clothing on a regular basis. These areas will ALWAYS require a touch up as it is very difficult for tattoos to heal evenly on highly active pieces of skin. Please plan your outfit around your tattoo. I'm a professional, but if you feel uncomfortable being exposed you should wear pasties. I don't carry any extra garments for this. Red ink is a lot harder to handle than black ink. It's likely that your clothes will be stained by ink splatters. Oversized designs (huge/bold text). If your tattoo stretches across a large portion of your arm, leg, back, etc., your tattoo is considered huge at my studio. These types of designs are NOT recommended for a first tattoo experience as you will need to endure more pain than normal (they take longer to fill), and be extremely still to achieve great results. No matter the size of your artwork, you should plan to spend the entire appointment busy handling the details with your artist. You will need to be present and not on the phone for a work at home situation. My process is quick but I will never rush an appointment. After finishing your tattoo your artist will snap some photos, you will be bandaged, given healing instructions, and sent on your way. If you lose your bandages, please switch to the traditional healing method on my website.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 48 hours of your appointment. If you fail to notify us within 48 hours of your appointment LMNOP will not be able to refund your deposit. Feel free to call/text (312)-248-2246, or send an email to We usually respond within 48 hours.

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